Easy way in making your own favourite fruit boba milktea

How to make your own favourites fruit boba milktea 1. 30ml fruit syrup + 15ml fructose enhancer + 140ml water 2. Shake well 3. Add 1 scoop boba + 50ml creamer 4. Add milkcap + ice Website: Shopee : FB : Ig : Have a nice day!!!

4 easy steps for making your own Brown sugar milk

For 500cc cup 1.1 scoop Boba pearl 2.20ml Brown sugar syrup 3.180ml Goodday fullcream milk 4.Add Cheese milkcap topping (milkcap ingredients:Anchor whipping cream, Goodday milk, cheese whipping powder£İ After all done you can decorate on top milkcap with Brown sugar syrup

Secrets Of Making Chewy Qq Tasty Boba Pearl & Long Lasting Up To 8 Hours!!!

How to make yummy cheesy milkcap to your drinks!!

Ingredients: 1. Anchor whipping cream 2. Goodday fullcream milk 3. Cheese whipping powder

How to Make Delicious Oolong & Sijichun Bubble Tea with Pearl & Milkcap

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